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About Direct Taxation service

Planning for tax efficiency in India requires a deep understanding of the complex body of Indian tax legislation and the evolving landscape of global tax regulations combined with understanding of India DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement), which would allow clients to plan for strategic decisions in a tax compliant manner while minimizing undue tax liabilities and litigation. Our team of experts in the tax advisory services and tax consultancy services verticals, offer a wide range of viable and practical solutions, combining technical knowledge with commercial understanding of facts to optimize value for the client.

Our expert income tax consultants provide these holistic and effective solutions, to large MNCs, mid-size businesses, HNIs and entrepreneurs both residents and non-residents of India. They have handled multiple investigation matters related to information received with respect to foreign assets, proceedings under UFIA/ Black Money Act, Foreign Asset Disclosures, Investigations w.r.t Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) etc.

Direct Taxation: Domestic

Our Tax Consultancy Services comprise a wide range including Direct Tax Litigation, Direct Tax Advisory & Direct Tax Compliances.

Direct Tax Planning & Advisory

Transaction Structuring including planning for achieving mergers, demergers, acquisitions, slump sales etc

Family Settlements and Arrangements

Business Reconstruction and Reorganization

Foreign Residency & Citizenship Service

Representations and Litigation Support including Assessments and Appeals

Statutory Compliances including under Income Tax

Advisory, Representation & Litigation support relating to Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, (PMLA)

Direct Taxation: International

As businesses grow and spread across jurisdictions attracting numerous tax laws and as global tax regime evolves, an in-depth understanding of such international tax laws is essential to any meaningful tax advice. Our team of experts in international tax advisory services work closely with clients and our global associates to identify tax efficient and compliant solutions for both inbound and outbound business activities in India, always striving to deliver flawless but business-oriented international tax advisory services.

Representations and Litigation Support

Representation and Support in Investigation Matters

Representation and Support in Foreign assets investigations

Representation and Support in investigations w.r.t Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)

Representation and litigation support in Black Money Law Proceedings;

Advise on cross-border investment & transaction structuring including under Indian DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement)

International Tax Planning, Advisory and Opinion

Expatriate Tax Advisory & Compliance services

Planning for Global Corporate Holdings

Advisory on emerging and recent regulations such as:

• General Anti-avoidance Rules (GAAR)
• Place of Effective Management (POEM)
• Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
• Advise on Multilateral Instruments (MLIs)
• Equalization levy

Non Resident Taxation

International Transfer Pricing

Statutory Compliances

Master File and Country-by-Country reporting (CbCR)

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