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About Regulatory Advisory & Support Service

The regulatory frame work in India continues to evolve with the clear objective of offering Corporates and Entities ease of doing business. However, the current regulatory regime continues to remain dynamic as business is disruptive by digitization and globalization.

Any entity operating in India would need to navigate the dynamic eco system and endeavor to ensure due regulatory comliance with the wide spectrum of applicable legislations. Our regulatory team comprising of experienced professionals consistently works towards providing simple and practical solutions to complex issues and extend requisite support to our clients and their teams enabling them to be both compliant and efficient at the same time.

Our regulatory services cover matters across a wide range of regulations including Company Law, SEBI, NBFCs etc.

Company Law

Incorporation of new entities in India including Companies, Joint Ventures (JVs), Branch Offices etc.

Setting up of trusts, societies, Section 25 companies

Conversion of existing entities into Companies, Partnerships and vice versa

Reconstruction of companies for M&As or Demergers and assistance vis-à-vis the entire NCLT process

Advise on any issue related to Companies Act 2013 or its predecessor, the Companies Act, 1956

Assistance with compliance under Section 135 (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the Companies Act, 2013

Assistance & advise for obtaining Regulatory Approvals from relevant authorities

Dissolution of Companies under provisions of Companies Act 2013

Review of regulatory compliances under the Companies Act 2013

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act

Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnerships

Conversion of existing entities into LLPs and vice versa

Assistance and advise for obtaining regulatory approvals from relevant authorities

Dissolution of LLPs under provisions of Companies Act 2013

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Consultation and Advisory

Advise on takeover of companies under SEBI Takeover Code

Advise on delisting of Equity shares as per SEBI (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009

Advise on Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 2016 (IBC)

Advise on take-over, buybacks, delisting, and dematerialization of shares etc

Advise on Strategic Debt Restructuring Scheme

Advise on setting up of Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) and related regulatory compliances and structuring advisory

Advise in Compliance under LODR2015 for the Listed entities

Advise on SEBI Guidelines vis-à-vis FPI & FVCI

Seeking approval from stock exchange for undertaking Schemes of Merger/Demerger/Arrangement, as applicable

Advisory related to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) Law

Registration of NBFCs under prevalent Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Law

Advise / opinions on various matters pertaining to NBFCs under current regulatory norms

Advise / opinions on ECB norms for NBFCs

Advise / opinions on applicable provisions of FEMA laws pertaining to NBFCs

Advisory for Core Investment Companies (CIC)

Assistance in seeking approvals from RBI on charge of control of NBFCs

Gift City/ IFSC services

Advise on setting up of entity/office in GIFT City and Structuring Advisory

Setting up of Entity/Office in GIFT City

Setting up Family Investment Fund in GIFT City

Assistance & Advice for Obtaining Regulatory Approvals from GIFT Authorities

Advise on investments/fundraising in GIFT City

Advise on outbound investment from GIFT City

Advise on Regulatory Compliances including FEMA and IFSC Act

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