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International Presence

About our International presence

Family Office Services, Estate Management and Wealth Conservation & Growth

Estate and succession planning.

Inheritance tax advisory

Advisory on Will matters

Providing guidance on the most suitable Trust formation structure and aiding in its registration for Family Offices, Ultra-High Net-worth individuals (UHNI).

Developing a Family Charter for UHNI, Family Offices, etc.

Assistance in Identifying investment opportunities for family surplus funds.

Advising on global assets investments, diversification, sale, etc.

Tax and Regulatory Compliance Solutions Tailored for Family Offices, UHNI’s.

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Services- Tax & Regulatory Compliances and Advisory

Holistic Solutions for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) /Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)/Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) in accordance with FEMA and statutory regulations.

Income Tax (including DTAA Provisions).

Employment Considerations within and beyond India.

Residency Issues for Expatriates in India.

Handling Inheritance and Gifts, both within and outside India.

Compliance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)/ RBI, covering Fund Remittance, Investments, and Fund Repatriation etc.

Regulations Governing NRI Matters.

Investment in or Disinvestment from Indian Companies, both Listed and Unlisted.

Regulatory Framework for Real Estate Investments in India.

Statutory and Regulatory Compliance Associated with NRI Bank Accounts, investment and other matters.

Advice and Assistance for Cross Border Investments by Corporates

Assistance in setting up entities in special economic zones such as Dubai free zone etc. and assistance in compliance of applicable regulations thereon.

Advising and Structuring Transactions for Investments, whether inbound or outbound from company law, tax and regulatory perspective.

Establishing Indian Business Entities, including Liaison/Branch/Project Offices for Foreign Companies operating in India.

Forming Joint Ventures or Wholly Owned Subsidiaries in International Jurisdictions.

Conducting Valuations in Accordance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

Assistance in facilitating Overseas Direct Investments by Indian Corporations, ensuring compliance with Overseas Investment Regulations in India.

Assistance in analyzing and advising on tax aspects on cross border investments.

Advisory in relation to corporate law and regulatory matters.

Representing Clients for Regulatory Approvals, including Document Preparation and Submission in India.

Offering Ongoing Compliance Services in line with FEMA Requirements.

Assisting with Compounding of Contraventions under FEMA Regulations.

Tax and Regulatory Advisory

Assistance in planning for Global Corporate Holdings.

Assistance in compliance with Indian Regulations for Overseas Corporate Investments.

Assistance with regard to LRS regulations.

International Tax Advisory including DTAA interpretation.

Advisory on foreign tax credit issues, withholding tax matters etc.

Assistance in statutory compliances under Tax and regulatory provisions.

Tax Structuring and Transaction Planning & Structuring

Optimizing Tax Structures in both Indian and Global Legal Frameworks.

Addressing International Transfer Pricing Matters.

Reorganizing Family Enterprises.

Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Compliance, covering Fund Transfers, Investments, and Repatriation.

Advisory on investments in Indian Companies, both Listed and Unlisted.

Assistance in structuring and providing Guidance for Inbound and Outbound Investments.

Advisory on cross-Border Transactions involving Current and Capital Accounts for Residents, Non-Residents, and NRIs.

Citizenship & Residency Services

Providing Regulatory Assistance for Foreign Citizenship and Residency Affairs.

Assistance in Income Tax Affairs in India, including Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA).

Assessing Tax Residency Status in India and Evaluating Tax Obligations under Domestic and DTAA Provisions.

Advising on Inheritance and Gifting, both within and beyond India's Borders.

Offering Guidance and ensuring Compliance with FEMA, RBI, and NRI Regulations.

Assistance in planning for the Impact of Income Tax in India.

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