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About Risk Advisory Service

Businesses are undergoing rapid transformations to operate and thrive in an increasingly global and digital economy. The risks facing an organization in a digital-led economy are far more complex and dynamic. Here lies the need for availing comprehensive Risk Management Services, including Internal Audit, IFC Audits, ICFR Reporting, Stock Audits, Physical Verifications and Due Diligence Services.


Our Risk Advisory Services (RAS) team offers solutions to help organizations and their management effectively balance risk, governance and compliance while moving towards their short-term and long-term strategic goals. Our team comprises a group of qualified and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in risk advisory, including for conducting Internal Audit Services, IFC Auditing Services, ICFR Reporting & developing Standard Operating Procedures. We leverage our knowledge of industry best practices and domains across organizations of all sizes and sectors to streamline and develop systems, processes & solutions that are tailored to be suitable for our clients.


Our approach and methodology enable us to understand the client’s long-term goals and assess numerous inherent and emerging risks to identify and implement suitable solutions to minimize such risks or delivering an extensive IFC Report. Our internal audit consulting methods are functionally robust and create sustainable results for our clients by improving their efficiency and control environment.

Internal Audit

Outsourcing of Internal Audit Department with DPNC Global

Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

Business Advisory

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development and Upgradation

DOA (Delegation of Authority) Development

Accounting Manuals

Diagnostic Reviews

IT Security Audit

Store Audits

Special Reviews / Management Audits

Risk Assessments

Cost Optimisation

Regulatory Support

Internal Financial Control (IFC) – Documentation And Testing

Compliance Audit

Fraud Investigation

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